Processing organic fruits into 
organic fruit purees and concentrates


Organic Fresh Ginger

Organic NFC Ginger Juice


Organic Certified Aseptic Banana Puree

Organic Certified Banana Powder

Organic Certified Banana Flakes

Passion Fruit

Organic Certified Concentrated Passion Fruit Juice

High Quality - Full Traceability

Vero-Bio Peru produces High quality Organic raw materials for the Organic and Babyfood industry.

The fruit is processed and contstantly monitored to ensure full traceability.

Every batch is fully analyzed by accredited laboratories to

ensure it complies with the highest and most recent standards in the industry.

Vero-Bio Peru SAC

Avenida Santa María N° 130 Miraflores, 

Lima, Peru

Tel.: +31 487 50 6576