Processing Organic fruits into 

Organic fruit purees and concentrates 


Production facility in Peru

At the production facility located in the North of Peru we produce Organic Aseptic banana Puree.

On request we can also produce Organic Certified and Baby Food Approved Aseptic Banana Puree.

- The production facility is located in the North of Peru.

- Ca. 20.000 hectares of Organic Banana.


The production facility in Hungary

At the production facility located in Hungary we produce Organic Concentrated Apple Juice from apples direcly sourced from local farmers.
We can also produce Organic certified and Baby Food Approved Concentrated Apple Juice if needed.

Sourcing the fruit directly from the farmers to process it in our production facility.

Because we know the industry and different markets, we can provide you with the product that suits your industries needs.

To find out what we can do for you, please contact us to discuss your needs.
Our sales and product / quality management team will evaluate your requirements and offer a product that suits your needs..

To ensure we only deliver the best quality product, the production process in closely monitored by our Quality manager and all batches are tested by accredited laboratories.