Processing organic fruits into 
organic fruit purees and concentrates

About us

With decades of experience Vero-Bio specializes in processing and the supply of Organic, Sustainable and baby food quality products for the food and beverage industry. 

At Vero-Bio we think it’s important to look ahead. In a fast changing market, it is becoming more and more important to understand the market and trends. By focusing on the needs of our customers, observing the market, and being driven by demand rather than being a supply oriented organization, we enable ourselves to source product that suits your needs. 

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Ruben Verbruggen - Vero Bio

Ruben Verbruggen is since 1999 active in the fruit juice industry by commercializing different kind of concentrated fruit juice and purees. Responsible for setting op projects from farm level till delivery of finished juices, especially engaging with sustainable productions. Founder of Verbruggen Juice Trading Sustainable Products b.v., Vero-bio b.v. and the Vero-bio Group b.v.

Veronique Stoddart - Vero-Bio

Véronique Stoddart has 15 years’ experience in the food industry, working in commercial roles, building up an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the sourcing, quality control and supply of food products. Veronique is Commercial manager and has particular specialism in Organic , Babyfood High Quality product, Fruit Juice, Purée and Concentrate.